Forest-DRAGON 3 (2013 - 2016)

ESA-MOST Dragon 3 cooperation program

LIFE Healthy Forest

Early detection and advanced management systems to reduce forest decline caused by invasive and pathogenic agents

R package 'RQGIS' (Author)

Integrating R with QGIS

R package 'oddsratio' (Creator)

Simplified odds ratio calculation of binomial GAM/GLM models

R package 'sperrorest' (Author)

Integrating R with QGIS

Recent Publications

(2016). Forest DRAGON-3: Decadal trends of Northeastern Forests in China from Earth Observation Synergy. In Proc.‘Dragon 3 Final Results & Dragon 4 Kick-Off Symposium’, Wuhan, PR China.

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Usually, this calculation is done by setting all predictors to their mean value, predict the response, change the desired predictor to a new value and predict the response again. These actions results in two log odds values, respectively, which are transformed into odds by exponentiating them. Finally, the odds ratio can be calculated from these two odds values.



B.Sc. Geography

Winter term 20162017

  • Geo 311 (3rd year B.Sc.): Geoinformatics III
    • Introduction to Python
    • Python for geoprocessing -> arcpy
    • Introduction to scientific reporting using Rmarkdown
    • Tools: R, Python, ArcGIS, arcpy

List of internships (Geoinformatics/Remote Sensing)

I maintain a list of internships undertaken in the Geoinformatics or Remote Sensing field by B.Sc. Geography & M.Sc. Geoinformatics students.
Please come to my office if you are interested. We will not share it in a digital way due to sensible contact data. If you want to add your intership to the list, feel free to contact me.