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This reproducible R Markdown analysis was created with workflowr (version 1.6.2). The Checks tab describes the reproducibility checks that were applied when the results were created. The Past versions tab lists the development history.

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The results in this page were generated with repository version d6d04cc. See the Past versions tab to see a history of the changes made to the R Markdown and HTML files.

Note that you need to be careful to ensure that all relevant files for the analysis have been committed to Git prior to generating the results (you can use wflow_publish or wflow_git_commit). workflowr only checks the R Markdown file, but you know if there are other scripts or data files that it depends on. Below is the status of the Git repository when the results were generated:

Ignored files:
    Ignored:    .Rhistory
    Ignored:    .Rproj.user/
    Ignored:    .Ruserdata/
    Ignored:    .drake/
    Ignored:    .vscode/
    Ignored:    analysis/rosm.cache/
    Ignored:    data/
    Ignored:    inst/Benchmark for Filter Methods for Feature Selection in High-Dimensional  Classification Data.pdf
    Ignored:    inst/study-area-map/._study-area.qgs
    Ignored:    inst/study-area-map/study-area.qgs~
    Ignored:    log/
    Ignored:    renv/library/
    Ignored:    renv/local/
    Ignored:    renv/staging/
    Ignored:    reviews/
    Ignored:    rosm.cache/

Unstaged changes:
    Modified:   _drake.R
    Modified:   analysis/_site.yml

Note that any generated files, e.g. HTML, png, CSS, etc., are not included in this status report because it is ok for generated content to have uncommitted changes.

These are the previous versions of the repository in which changes were made to the R Markdown (analysis/index.Rmd) and HTML (docs/index.html) files. If you’ve configured a remote Git repository (see ?wflow_git_remote), click on the hyperlinks in the table below to view the files as they were in that past version.

File Version Author Date Message
html 115f5bc pat-s 2021-04-10 Build site.
Rmd 4e48ce1 pat-s 2021-04-10 workflowr::wflow_publish(“analysis/index.Rmd”)
html 41b71e4 pat-s 2021-03-31 Build site.
Rmd 6b712c3 pat-s 2021-02-20 bump to R 4.0.4
html fb46ad0 pat-s 2021-02-19 Build site.
html ee3112d pat-s 2021-02-19 Build site.
Rmd 073b2c3 pat-s 2021-02-19 workflowr::wflow_publish(“analysis/index.Rmd”)
html 6b31a30 pat-s 2021-02-19 Build site.
html 749d505 pat-s 2020-08-12 update workflowr site for submission
html a953299 pat-s 2020-08-12 Build site.
html 8b5e422 pat-s 2020-08-05 Build site.
html 44770bb pat-s 2020-03-08 Build site.
Rmd d47a584 pat-s 2020-03-08 workflowr::wflow_publish(“analysis/index.Rmd”)
html 25bd1db pat-s 2020-03-08 Build site.
html 7582c67 pat-s 2019-08-31 Build site.
html df85aba pat-s 2019-07-12 Build site.
html 3a44a95 pat-s 2019-07-10 Build site.
html db3955e pat-s 2019-06-27 Build site.
Rmd 4cf247a pat-s 2019-06-18 fix git
html 4cf247a pat-s 2019-06-18 fix git
html 4c3422d pat-s 2019-06-15 Build site.
html 53c019b pat-s 2019-05-28 Build site.
Rmd 91a2571 pat-s 2019-05-28 wflow_publish(“analysis/index.Rmd”)
html 57ef6ed pat-s 2019-05-27 Build site.
Rmd b091b62 pat-s 2019-05-27 analysis/timeline.Rmd
html 37da161 pat-s 2019-05-24 Build site.
html ad4c6c1 pat-s 2019-05-23 Build site.
html 6517dc7 pat-s 2019-05-23 Build site.
html 22eb53d pat-s 2019-05-23 Build site.
html 66ad991 pat-s 2019-05-23 Build site.
Rmd a7ae8f1 pat-s 2019-05-23 wflow_publish(all = T)
html a7ae8f1 pat-s 2019-05-23 wflow_publish(all = T)
Rmd b02b9da pat-s 2019-05-22 restructure for workflowr
html 753c7ae pat-s 2019-05-22 Build site.
Rmd 00ce986 pat-s 2019-05-22 update index
html 7ad5791 pat-s 2019-05-22 first version
Rmd 1cbc8de pat-s 2019-05-22 Start workflowr project.

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